12/07/10 conditions

The re installation of our trail maps has started ,as well as continous trail refinements where we are allowed, in this last week of hunting season . The ice is forming nicely on the holes and ponds , about 3 to 4 inches so far .There is quite a bit of water on the mountain as you would expect , but with the help of this falls extensive trail work , it is being better managed . Some areas are difficult and will remain “works in progress ” so please bear with us .

In case we get some ridable snow in the next week or two , I would like to caution that there are still some NEW deep water bars on the trails . Additional culverts are going on the mountain today , but may not be intalled before next week .  There are substantial trees down from all the wind too , so please understand , that we have been prevented from correcting many of these situations because we do respect the lessees / hunting season .

The “crew” from Mulleyville has been busy none the less . The webcam is up and running , grooming equipment and even our saws have received their due tlc . Extensive discussions with land owners and the state are always taking place in light of this years detours .

Bonfire is planned on Lake Desolation for January 15 th . And of course , safer and better trails are always on everyone’s minds .

Bob Simonik