2017-2018 Mulleyville Season Meeting Schedule

As labor Day fast approaches, we wanted to get our 2017-2018 meeting schedule published. All meetings are at Tinney’s Tavern on the 1st Thursday of the month.  We typically get there around 6 for dinner, and meeting starts at 7:30. We will have 50/50 drawings at the meetings.

  1. Sept 7th
  2. Oct 5th
  3. Nov 2nd
  4. Dec 8th
  5. Jan 4th
  6. Feb 1st
  7. Mar 2nd
  8. April 6th

We will be talking about the upcoming season and work to be done.  There is a work party booked for the weekend of Sept 9th and 10th to do work on the north end (Wells Rd).

We look forward to seeing everyone there!