2/15 trail update

update from our grooming team:

Southside groomed S84A- S80 to S86 to S83, Fox Hill groomed from 512 to Desolation. The new culvert across the creek on S86 (Burnt Mill) is holding up good. Cannot groom Plank Rd to Archer Vly due to water. Sleds are going around through the woods to avoid the water. North side is in great shape. I need to get a groomer to S81 and 516 to Fox Hill as it is getting rough, will work on that.

we have our bonfire on Saturday and we’ll keep grooming all week. ¬†Trails a great right now except plank road as noted above. ¬†We expect to be opening up our closed for logging trails before the weekend so stay tuned for that as well.