2/3/17 – Trails OPEN! (But please ride cautiously)

We’ve received enough snow over the last week or so to freshen up the ice base we had to open the trails. Groomers are out but they have only so much to work with so expect exposed rocks, open creeks and water bars, and other hazards. Do not expect go up and rip around at high speeds; if you want to do that go north where they have more snow. Please go slow and ride with extra caution as there could be hazards at any point.

There are numerous trail closures and reroutes this year so please review the 2017 map before you go and stay out of all the logging areas!  If a trail is plowed you CANNOT be on it.  Our trail system being open depends on you staying away from logging.  This includes the middle of the night!  If the loggers see snowmobile tracks in their area (whether they see sleds or not) we’ll be getting an angry phone call and possibly lose our trails.  The timber companies own the land, not us!

Next, there is a major reroute to get to Sacandaga this year.  Please note on the map that the C8 trail from where our trails meet Sacandaga trails is CLOSED and again you must stay out.  Don’t be THAT guy!  The new way to get to the lake this year is through the 1000 acre swamp.  This trail head (Trail 512) is further north up Fox hill road from our 516 (previously known as S83 “Stump Ally”).  You will ride the shoulder of Fox Hill Road for about 1 mile.  This trail is a nice logging road for the first 3/4 then it gets pretty rough but it’s passable.  Follow the signs and stay on the trail!

Finally, we will be grooming a trail on the shoulder of Fox Hill Road from 516 all the way to Lake Desolation.  Please obey the 25 mph speed limit and do not ride down the middle of the road.  The trail will cross the road a couple of times so please obey signage and realize that this is a TWO WAY trail.  Stay on the groomed surface as best as possible.  This will be a work in progress so please let us know of problems.

Stay safe and ride with Caution.  There will be hazards out there until we get a lot more snow.