A HUGE Workparty Thank You!

We want to thank everyone that came out to help the club yesterday! It had to get done, so we had 3 teams hit all the main artery trails so that when we get cold and snow we can get trails open. We have no doubt that there is more work on our secondary trails. But as a reminder, if no volunteers showed up and we got a cold streak and a dump of snow, it would have taken at least 2 weeks to have the trails open!

A BIG Thank You to Dave Kirchoff who coordinated our efforts and got the teams moving! He lead a team up our Wells Rd trailhead, Bob and Dave Douglas had a team clearing Ormsbee Rd and beyond, and the final team which I was on cleared from Plank Rd to the end of the club property on Ormsbee Rd. We got a lot accomplished then had a great time a Tinney’s afterward to wind down the day.

Based on yesterday we need a long stretch of cold, and of course, SNOW!