Remsen to Lake Placid Travel Corridor: The Future is Up to Us!   It is clear to anyone who has ridden snowmobile trails in the Adirondack Park that the Remsen to Lake Placid Travel Corridor is the most important trail in the Adirondack Park. It is the spine that spans most of the Park and connects dozens of snowmobile trails to each other. It is also clear that if the rails are removed on that section of the corridor where train service cannot be provided, our use of the corridor would be expanded for many more weeks if not months.   Many of us at NYSSA have written about this corridor over the years. We have encouraged our members to work with Adirondack Recreation Trail Advocates and others who want to see this corridor put to better use.    In 2016 NYS Departments of Transportation and Environmental Conservation put forth a plan (UMP amendment) which would remove the rail from Lake Placid to Tupper Lake and offered to the railroad community the promise of rail improvements from Tupper Lake to Big Moose Station. With improvement, the tracks could once again carry passengers.   At NYSSA we recognized that the proposal was an attempt by the State at compromise. Unfortunately, the railroad interests did not and brought an action against the State to stop the plan. For numerous technical reasons the plan was thrown out by the court and the State has been forced to start from the beginning.   Since 1996 snowmobile clubs have had access to the corridor to operate a trail on the rail. During the same time, we have waited patiently for the railroad to undertake the improvements the 1996 plan envisioned. What improvements have been done have only been accomplished with the infusion of significant state taxpayer dollars.   The railroad’s court action has now resulted in considerable degradation of the rail corridor. Improvements to allow for passenger service will involve the investment of tens of millions of taxpayer dollars which would be in search of passengers for the rail. The passengers are just not there in sufficient numbers to support the rail into the future, and there is no freight.   Soon, but with no firm date announced, the State will once again propose a plan for the corridor. NYSSA is convinced that the time for compromise has passed. It is time for the rail to come up from Big Moose Station to Lake Placid and develop the corridor into a world class four season multi use trail. Please join your fellow snowmobiler, hiker, biker and outdoor enthusiast in our “Rails Up” campaign by circulating and signing the following petition or modify the attached draft letter and send it to the Governor and or the Commissioners of DOT and DEC: The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224
  Click here to read a resolution adopted by the NYSSA Board of Directors on February 2, 2019.