I have received many reports from people riding that range from good to horrible. I went out yesterday for a quick analysis of the trails and was pleasantly surprised. Those of you, who know me, know I am an optimist when it comes to snowmobiling…. I am happy to be on my sled in any amount of snow. With that said, the trails do have snow and they are ridable. The rain did not have too much impact aside from creating a hard packed base. The snow conditions range from ice to hard pack with a little snow for lube on top. The trails have many hazards including exposed rocks, exposed water bars, stumps…etc. The new trail and bypass trails are in rough shape since the initial ice base was excavated during trail work.

The trails are now open but the use of CAUTION is first and foremost for your safety.

We have not run our groomers yet and will not run them until we receive more snow. Most all of the trees have been cleared but carry a handsaw or clippers to trim anything that may be hanging into the trail.

STAY ON THE MARKED TRAILS AND DO NOT GO AROUND THE SNOW FENCE. DEC and Lyme Timberlands will collect pictures from game cams of people trespassing on logging operations and closed trails. You will receive a trespassing citation if in violation.

Please support Tinney’s if you are out on the trails….the food is amazing.