Business Sponsor Highlight!

What better way to start the year 2020…Tinneys Tavern! We could call Tinneys Tavern a Triple Platinum Sponsor for all that Kevin and his staff do for the Mulleyville Smowmobile Club. Two important things happened 6 seasons ago…1) Kevin came on board as an owner of Tinneys and 2) Mulleyville switched the monthly meeting to Tinneys…A win/win for EVERYONE!

Kevin Joyce has cultivated a fabulous atmosphere at Tinney’s Tavern…You get to know the staff on a first name basis, the FOOD is just fantastic and always a fun place to be. When there isn’t a meeting or event and the trails are open, its the Tinneys Crew that sells raffle tickets, takes care of riders that need some non-ethanol fuel or oil all in support of Mulleyville! So if you haven’t made a trip up to Lake Desolation yet, go visit the staff at Tinneys Tavern…You’ll be hooked.