Business Sponsor SPOTLIGHT: Cartier Construction

This is now our 2nd Spotlight for another Platinum sponsor Cartier Construction Co. Working in partnership both Cohen and Melissa Cartier has been a pleasure for our club. When we decided to add gas up at Tinneys Tavern, it was Cartier Construction who supplied the materials and workmanship for this project and we couldn’t be happier!

For Cartier Construction…Home is both a place and a feeling, and neither exists without the other. They believe your home, the place, should reflect you in a way that conveys home, the feeling, to all who enter. 

For some people, like us, building is the only way to achieve that true reflection of self. It’s an honor to help our clients imagine – then create – the house they feel at home in. Together, they design and build a home perfect in style and functionality for life today, and with thoughtful consideration for the future.

They approach each project with a creative eye, a focused attention to detail, and a commitment to both excellence and value. Our homes consistently surpass expectations and are routinely delivered on-time and on-budget. You’ll find that our hands-on process makes it enjoyable for you to see your dreams come to life.

Each house they build is someone’s home, and that means everything to them.