December Newsletter

Well December is upon us and the weather is starting to show signs of cooperating with us.  After a promising end of October, November was the complete opposite of last year.  One year ago today, Lake Desolation was frozen solid, all our mud holes and beaver dams were frozen over and we were on our way to a great year.  Hopefully now the cold can come in and freeze everything up for us and get us some snow for opening day on December 15th.  Keep an eye on the website for info on when we open the gates and declare the trails open.  Remember our trails have a lot of rocks and mud under the snow so it takes quite a bit to make them safe to open.

Register and Join Early
For those who already have a membership and a DMV voucher, we thank you.  We need you to do one more thing… register your snowmobile with NYS DMV now.  It helps the club budget for the winter and NY Parks and Recreation uses a middle of December cutoff date to determine the trail funding amounts for the year based on registrations received by then. It helps the system out for everyone to be joined and registered before then. You’re going to do it anyway, why not get it done before those Christmas bills come. It’s easier than ever to join online. Just follow this link to the NYSSA page. It takes less than 5 minutes to join and print your voucher.

Mulleyville 100 Club
Please consider purchasing a Mulleyville 100 Club ticket. For the $100 ticket you buy entry into 5 separate drawings for $1000. Only 100 tickets will be sold so the odds of winning are very high. We are delaying the first drawing until the January meeting as we haven’t sold the minimum amount of tickets yet.  For those of you who have already bought in we appreciate your support and apologize for the 1 month delay in drawings .  We need everyone’s support to make this a successful fundraiser and win some money. 

The proceeds for the club will go towards building our new groomer barn. To join the 100 Club visit and click the Paypal button to use Paypal or Credit Card, or you can contact any of the Board of Directors as listed on the Meet the Team page. There is no requirement to be a member of the club so if you have friends that like raffles the odds here are tremendous.  These make a great Christmas Present too.

C8A Trail To Lake Desolation
Thanks to a lot of hard work by a lot of people we have secured a lease to allow us to re-open the C8A trail from intersection SR09S on Ormsbee Road to Lake Desolation.  This means we will not have to ride the 4 miles of Fox Hill Road anymore (though it will remain open if you want).  This is a huge improvement for our trails and the connection to Galway Trails (behind Tinney’s Tavern).  Thanks to all the land owners who have let us reopen the trail and to Aaron at Tinney’s for his continued support.  Please support him as well now that we have a snow covered trail all the way to his deck.

Club Gear
Check out the official Mulleyville Snowmobile Club gear online including apparel & collectables. Just visit the Club Gear page on the website at To order, use our PayPal store on the website or please contact Joe Albanese or Chris Aldrich for current inventory, payment, & shipping information.  We just received an order to replenish our inventories so we will have those items you want now.

Club Meeting Schedule
Mark your calendars and attend our meetings if you can. We meet at the Town of Greenfield Community Center, located behind the Greenfield Center Town Hall at the intersection of Rt 9N & Wilton Greenfield Rd. If your headed North on Rt 9N, turn right at the light & take the next right into the parking lot. The Community Center is the white single story building. Enter through the back double doors. Meetings start at 7:30pm the 2nd Tues of each month: Sep 8, Oct 13, Nov 10, Dec 8, Jan 12, Feb 9, Mar 9, and Apr 13.