December News

Several things to make people aware of this year.

1) On C8A right before it hits Lake Desolation has a land owner whose house is right next to the trail. It is IMPERITIVE that people follow the quiet please and 15 mph speed limit signs in this area or we will lose the trail. If that happens we are back to riding Fox Hill Road for 4 miles. Also, as you get to the lake please don’t be drag racing and making a lot of noise at the lake entrance. Save it for the other end and middle of the lake. Remember, this LO’s house is about 50 feet from the trail, and would you like people riding by your bedroom all night?

2) The spruce mt road trail spur is CLOSED this year for logging. We have a by-pass trail scouted and approved for locals who rely on that access road, but it will not be groomed so if you are trailering please use either county route 10 parking or Wells road parking.

3) Huricane Irene wiped out the bridge on the S82 dead end trail. It is about 3/4 of the way down and we will be groming that far and turning around. I don’t recommend trying to ride through the creek as it’s fast and deep. Hopefully the landowner repairs the bridge this summer. If you are interested in the picutres of some of our huricane damage check our facebook page

4) The snow train is running this year and there will be Law enforcement on the tracks. we recommend staying off them. the “connections” to lincoln mt and south warren are therefore cut off and we know of no other way to connect, legal or not. If anyone knows of possible trail routes and wants to help knock on doors to get the permissions please pm or email me.

5) Our 100 club is running again this year except we have cut ticket prices to $50 this year to make it more affordable for people to get it. There will be five drawings for $500 and if you win you get put back in for all drawings so it could be possible to win multiple drawings. Visit our website for details or to buy a ticket via paypal. No need to be a club member to enter.

Let all do our snow dances because it looks like we’re going to need them as there’s no meaningful snow in the forcast for as far out as they go.