Here’s answers to many of the Frequently Asked Questions that we recieve.

Q: Can you give me directions on how to get to your trails and a place to park?

A: See our Driving Directions and Parking page.  For directions on how to get here via snowmobile see our map. We tie in with Galway and Sacandaga snowmobile clubs.

Q: I’m not a member of your club but I always hear great things about your trails.  Do I need to be a member to ride them?

A: No.  All New York State snowmobile trails are open to anyone with a valid NYS snowmobile registration and liability insurance.

Q: Can I ride an ATV on your trails [in the winter / in the summer]?

A: No.  Our trails are on privately leased land and it is trespassing to be there for any reason other than snowmobiling during the open season (12/15 to 3/31).  Additionally it is illegal to use any wheeled vehicle on a NYS snowmobile trail.

Q: I am not a member but really enjoyed riding your trails today.  How can i donate some money to your club?

A: Thank you for the compliment!  There are two easy ways to give us money.  First, you can join the club.  It seems a simple concept but many people don’t ever think of joining more than one club.  NYSSA calls it a secondary membership since we don’t have to collect the $5 NYSSA membership fee since you already joined another club.

Q: Do you have available a paper map / Can i buy a large paper map?

A: At this time we have our maps printed in full color on 11×17″ paper.  They are available at meetings and events to any of our members free of charge.  If you are not a member of the club please send a Self addressed envelope with a map request to the address show at the bottom of this page and one will be mailed to you within a few weeks.  If you need the map right away you can download it on our trail map page.  It is also available in two parts so it can be printed to original size on two standard sheets of paper and “assembled”.

Q: Is there a connection to the South Warren trail system / Lake George?

A: Unfortunately, No.  We are separated by the Hudson and Sacandaga Rivers as well as several miles of private land.  We don’t foresee any connection opening up soon

Q: Is there a connection to the Lincoln Moutain / Gansevoort Snowmobile Club?

A: Unfortunately there is no legal trail between our clubs anymore.  Land development had closed off the old trail and we have been unsucessful so far in re-opening a connection.

Q: Where can I get gas in Mulleyville?

A: Unfortunately we do not have any gas or convienience stores on our trails. Your best place for gas is down at Great Sacandaga Lake. Take a look at our map for Fullers Store or Edinburg Marina.

Q: How many miles of trails do you maintain?

A: Our club currently has about 50 miles of NYS funded Class A corridor and secondary trails. We use two Tucker Terra 2000’s (a 1997 and 1996) with mogul master drags to groom the trails.