FYI: Trails…Open or Closed???

We are opening the trail system…It has taken a few days to get a handle of what needs to be done .  Our trail coordinator is checking status on gates later today.

First,  there plenty of ROCK hazards and we know of one tree down on Burnt Mill trail…So PLEASE be careful, there are many spots that will ruin your day! Remember, the snow was light and fluffy!

Second, We highly recommend you avoid riding both Sacandaga Lake (GSL) and Lake Desolation.

Third, parking lot at new 512 trail-head should be plowed today by town of Edinburg

Fourth, and lastly…Grooming.  We have the 96′ Scheduled to go out both Friday and Saturday nights.  Waiting to hear about status on 97′ (needed a part).

Thank you…Mulleyville Team

OH…4th drawing on our 100 club is tonight at Tinney’s (6pm)!   We will be also discussing new trail plans!