Good Bye Summer!

I am so excited to post something about snowmobiling!!!  The end of August is here and like most snowmobiling enthusiasts thoughts of snow and flat trails pop in the mind.   With that in mind, if you’ve been to your camp or run your quad up on the mountain give us some feedback on any trouble areas we need to clean up.  Ken has not heard back if there is any logging going on, but I think we’ll have most of our inner trails back…Of course I may be speaking too soon.

A few things that happened over the summer will make our riding experience a whole lot better.  We now have approval from the Town of Providence to create a trail up the side of Fox Hill Rd to Lake Desolation (Edinburg and Greenfield were always on board).  Also, we were given an opportunity to add an additional 3.5 miles where the State is phasing in a camping/fishing area up on Fox Hill Rd.  In the State’s wisdom…if they are ‘giving’ us 3.5 miles, they would take another 3.5 mile away from us, which would have meant LOSING ALL of 81 from Sacandaga trailhead to Fox Hill Rd. That was a deal breaker!  The trail we were going to lose hurt the continuity of the entire  system, plus it REALLY complicated grooming.  The trail will be there but Sacandaga will be taking care of it.  So traffic to Tinney’s will be direct for folks coming from Sacandaga which should leave our inner trails in decent shape. Oh, and there will be NEW PARKING at this new site and on both sides of the road!

Joe posted our meeting schedule on the website today (1st one is in October).  Our webcam at Tinney’s is still down (Kevin Joyce and I have done as much as we can), Steve is going to try and take a look at it soon but his schedule has been full this summer.  Keep an eye out for upcoming information for work groups as Ken gets a better idea of what needs to be done.  Think SNOW!