January Newsletter

As we roll into the new year there’s enough snow on the ground to ride the trails but not enough to safely groom so if you go out to ride please use caution as there are many rocks and washouts that may not be covered.  Keep an eye on our website in the trail conditions and forum pages for the latest on conditions and events.  Please register for the our Discussion Forum if you haven’t already to provide trail conditions to your fellow club members and feedback to the club.  It’s a great place to share your ideas on how to improve the club.  Also please visit our Business Sponsors Page and support those who support our club.
Lake Desolation Bonfire
We are holding a bonfire on Saturday January 16th on the shoreline of Lake Desolation across from Tinney’s Tavern.  We will have a 50/50, apparel sales, and a nice fire.  The food and drink will be via Tinney’s, but it will have to remain within the Tinney’s premises.   We will hold this event regardless of snow conditions so come on out and enjoy the fire. 
Mulleyville 100 Club
Please consider purchasing a Mulleyville 100 Club ticket. For the $100 ticket you buy entry into 5 separate drawings for $1000. Only 100 tickets will be sold so the odds of winning are very high. We delayed the first drawing until the January meeting to get more tickets sold, but are still well below selling out so the odds are even better if you buy in now.  For those of you who have already bought in we appreciate your support and apologize for the 1 month delay in drawings .  We need everyone’s support to make this a successful fundraiser and win some money.
The proceeds for the club will go towards building our new groomer barn. To join the 100 Club visit http://mulleyvilletrailsystem.com/100-club/ and click the Paypal button to use Paypal or Credit Card, or you can contact any of the Board of Directors as listed on the Meet the Team page. There is no requirement to be a member of the club so if you have friends that like raffles the odds here are tremendous. 
Trails Status
Our trails are open and pretty well covered at this time but we have not received enough snow to start grooming.  Therefore, if you do venture out on the trails be cautious of the conditions and expect rocks, washouts, and some ruts at anytime or place. 
S83 from SR07 to SR24 (Davignon Rd to Fox Hill Road) is closed this year due to logging.  It is unsafe to travel this trail due to the trucks and other logging equipment as well as it being plowed to mud.  If you wish to ride out to Fox Hill Road please use the southern leg of S83 from SR19 to SR24 (Ormsbee Road just before the big T kiosk).
However, This year you will not need to ride Fox Hill Road to get to Lake Desolation (unless you want to, it’s still open to snowmobile traffic).  That is because we have secured all the land owner permissions to formally open the C8A trail again (SR09 to the lake on the map).  A few things to take note of on this trail.  First, the first 2/3s of the trail are a shared trail with the North Country ATV club so there may be ATV’s on the trails.  There will be signs prominently showing where they are not allowed past.  We are aware that this is an unusual situation so work with us and NCATV to make it work out well.  Second, the final mile of the trial before the lake is on a private land owners land whose house is directly next to the trail.  Please be considerate to them and ride quietly by the house and don’t mash the gas as soon as you hit the lake.  If we can’t ride this section responsibly, we will lose it and be back to riding the road.  Finally, The last section also sees a lot of cross country ski and snowshoe traffic.  Please be considerate and pass slowly, as it is likely one of our land owners.  This trail is extremely important to the club and our connections to the lake and Galway/Charlton Trails.  Please treat it like you are riding through your own back yard.
No changes to our parking situation this year.  This is still an area we need to improve and are open to specifics on how to do that.  A few things to remember:
Ormsbee Road Parking is done at the bottom of the hill in the small plowed out area and along the side of the road up to the No Parking Beyond This Point sign.  DO NOT park at the top of the hill along the side of the road past the white house (and the no parking sign) or in the emergency vehicle / plow turn around or you will likely be TOWED. 
DO NOT drive up the dirt road with your truck.  This is a private road that we have permission to ride sleds on but not vehicles.  Please don’t ride down Ormsbee road (S88) unless you parked there.  The road is plowed and the vehicle traffic makes it dangerous.  If you are riding it to/from the parking area please go 15mph or LESS.  Respect the landowners that give us permission to ride up the road.

Club Gear
Check out the official Mulleyville Snowmobile Club gear online including apparel & collectables. Just visit the Club Gear page on the website at http://mulleyvilletrailsystem.com/club-gear. To order, use our PayPal store on the website or please contact Joe Albanese or Chris Aldrich for current inventory, payment, & shipping information.  We just received an order to replenish our inventories so we will have those items you want now.

Groomers Have the Right of Way
Please remember that our groomers can be out at anytime and always have the right of way.  You need to pull off the trail and allow the groomer to pass.  The machines are big and can not get over easily and it’s possible they can get stuck if they need to get out of your way.

If you come up behind the groomer please be patient as the operator knows you are back there.  They are looking in the mirrors as much as they are looking out the front to ensure that they are properly cutting the trail.  The operator will pull over as soon as it’s safe to do so.  While you are back there try very hard not to tear up the fresh snow.  It takes a while for the snow to harden and just one sled on a freshly groomed trail can ruin it if not gentle.

Finally, Remember that they are towing a very heavy load in the drag and it’s very difficult to start and stop.  If you see a groomer coming up a hill (especially near the end of S82) get out of the way as quickly as possible.  They can not, and probably will not, stop and lose momentum.

Club Meeting Schedule
Mark your calendars and attend our meetings if you can. We meet at the Town of Greenfield Community Center, located behind the Greenfield Center Town Hall at the intersection of Rt 9N & Wilton Greenfield Rd. If your headed North on Rt 9N, turn right at the light & take the next right into the parking lot. The Community Center is the white single story building. Enter through the back double doors. Meetings start at 7:30pm the 2nd Tues of each month: Sep 8, Oct 13, Nov 10, Dec 8, Jan 12, Feb 9, Mar 9, and Apr 13.