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Interested in joining the Mulleyville Snowmobile Club? We’d love to have you on board. Just  click on the “join online” button on the right of this page to join instantly through the NYSSA secure site or download the application form, print it and mail it to us along with your membership check.  Please include an e-mail address so we can keep you up to date on club activities.

You may print out your voucher at any time by logging into NYSSA’s site.  You may use one voucher for as many snowmobile registrations as you like as long as the registration address is the same for all snowmobiles, although DMV will require you to bring a copy of the voucher for each and will keep the copies.  If you are joining on-line we assume you are printing the voucher on your own so one will not be mailed to you.  If you need a map or sticker please send a separate email to

Click Here for more detailed instructions on using NYSSA’s online Membership site.

Click Here for our Application Form

Single Membership – $30.00
Family Membership – $35.00
Business Sponsorships – Basic $100.00, Silver $250, GOLD $500 and PLATINUM $1000 Please contact us for details!

Please note: Children must be under 18 years old & live at the address listed on the application. Children 18 years & older must submit a separate membership application per NYS requirements.

Please note that mailed applications will take 2-4 weeks to recieve a voucher. If you need it sooner please use the online system or come to a meeting to join and get a voucher. Also, if you need an application mailed to you please send an email with name and address to

If you have questions about joining please contact our Membership Coordinator, Christine Aldrich at (518) 701-7304.