Mulleyville 2014-2015 Season Prep

We are all getting excited for a great winter of riding! Just a reminder that trails are CLOSED until Dec 15th when hunting season ends. Please respect our land/lease owners by staying off the trails (regardless of any potential snow covering) until the season starts.

We are putting a work-weekend together right after hunting season to do a re-route near our property to solve loosing access to Ormsbee Rd. and the logging that will be taking place. So the more folks that can come out and help it should take only a weekend to get the re-route in place.

We are actively looking for folks to help with the grooming chores. So if anyone with some mechanical knowledge, we would like to talk with you. Our goal is to have more groomers doing less work, not the other way around. Contact any club officer, or come to our next meeting Dec. 4th at Tinney’s (7:30pm).