Mulleyville Pre-Season Notices

Are you ready?  I know I am and it’s looking good for having our trails open for the weekend!  A few things to make everyone aware of this year.

1) NO LOGGING!!!  That’s right, all of our trails are open this year for the first time in quite a few years.  This however, is not the case for Sacandaga Snowmobile Club trails.  there is a logging operation going on on C8 near Johnny Cake Lake.  This means that the entirety of C8 from the Davignon Rd hairpin turn to near the Johny Cake lake shortcut will be plowed.  It is open for snowmobiling, however there will be log trucks so ride very cautiously through there.

2) Lake Desolation is NOT safe at this time.  There are still pockets of open water in front of Tinney’s and the ice is thin.  Do not use the lake access trail, however there is a detour that goes out to Fox Hill Road from plank road that will be open.

3) Most of the beaver ponds only had about 1″ of ice as of saturday.  They may be marginally safe by now but be careful.  Same goes for the mudholes.  Ride with caution as it’s likely to be muddy and rocky when/if we do get the trails open.

4) Follow us on facebook for up to the minute conditions reports from the club as well as fellow riders.  It’s a great tool for interacting with snowmobiliers all over.  Click the facebook icon on the right of our page to go to our site.

5) We’ll post when the trails are open, hopefully by late Thursday (12/27/12).  Until then gates are still closed.

Thanks, and hope for the big snow that they are saying we get.