Mulleyville Snowmobile Club…FYI: ATV's & Off Road Vehicles

Just an FYI:  Mulleyville (Snowmobile) Trail System is an accredited member of NYSSA.  We have responsibility for the snowmobile trails on or near Mulleyville from December 15th to April 1st of any given year.  We have nothing to do with the trails, seasonal roads, etc. at any other time.  We work with both land owners, and lease holders with open communication to assure a seamless phase to winter with KNOWN work parties.  Being (or potentailly being) a member does NOT give ANY CLUB MEMBER the permission to be on the mountain at any other time.  NOT an ATV!  NOT an off road vehicle! Club work parties are the ONLY time snowmobile club members should be on the trails with an ATV/Offroad vehicle.

Thank you.. Think Snow!