Mulleyville Snowmobile Club Meeting tonight at Tinney's Tavern! 7:30 PM

The meeting is at 7:30 pm as always, but we get there early (6ish)to enjoy $5 Burger night! By the time we get to the meeting it is a formality because we get more done while eating and talking.

We will be discussing the upcoming season, kick-off party, bonfire and outhouse races, trail updates (both new and closed), groomers, and more.

We strive to have the nicest trails available, but it is the VOLUNTEERS that make it happen.  Everyone wants to ride perfect trails…but that only happens when you have enough people to lend some of their time. We are always looking for more folks to help in trail work, as the saying goes…it is always better to have 100 people do 1%  of the work than 1 person doing 100%.