New President Needed

Mulleyville Snowmobile Club members,

Today I announce that I have resigned as President of the Mulleyville Snowmobile Club after informing the Board of Directors back in May. I have spent 6+ years in this position and it is time for someone new to step up and take over. There have been many changes in my personal life since taking on this position. My kids are now reaching an age where snowmobiling is unable to occupy much of my time anymore, along with a new job that demands my focus in the fall season when much of the club’s work needs to be done are the primary drivers of this change. I will still be available as needed to mentor whoever steps up to take on this role and provide support when needed.

I have enjoyed my time and look back at many great accomplishments but there are still things to do to continue improving this club. We need some new volunteers to step up as I know I am not the only one ready to step back. The Board of Directors has great people on in and they will welcome any and all who want a role. Anyone who is interested in being part of an awesome leadership team please come to the September Meeting, or even better reach out to Joe Albanese via the contact info on our website. This club needs you and others like you to continue to have some of the best trails in the state.

Best regards for the future,
Steve Archer