New Years Eve Trail Conditions

Our groomers were out all last night packing things in and filling holes and streams.  All the main trails are done but several of the secondary trails remain to be done.

All the road trails are in great shape.  Ormsbee Road to the Burnt Mill Vly intersection is awesome.

Davignon road is also groomed but beware the new, bigger waterbars are not filled in yet so ride with caution there.

All the woods trails (S83, S86, S85, C8 on the spruce mt side) have been packed and most of the mudholes are setup.  There are numerous rocks sticking out and many wetspots so ride cautiously.

The C8A lake desolation trail has not been groomed as we are still waiting for the lake to become safe.  There are numerous hazard on that trail as well.

S82 dead end trail has ongoing logging and is closed.  Please do not ride through the logging operation.

Be safe out there.  There are some excellent trails but most are still very early season riding so once again ride carefully.