November 2010 Newsletter

 As December is closing in I hope everyone is ready to get the season started.  The weather is turning and there are only two more weeks until the trails can open.  Opening day is scheduled for Monday, December 13th, snow permitting.  Keep an eye on our website for up to date trail conditions and info on trails opening.

We have a lot going on this fall that we need to share with you.

Winter Logging and Trail Closures

Unfortunately this winter the timber company that owns most of the land our trails are on is conducting a large winter logging operation near Burnt Mill Vly and Black Pond.  This will result in the closure of our main trail on Ormsbee Road due to it being plowed and truck traffic.  We have posted a map of all the trail closures on the website at .  This map can also be accessed from our Trail map page on the website.

For everyone’s safety please stay off the closed trails this winter.  All closed trails will be signed and marked with snow fence.  We’ll have a few detours set up as well.  The main changes will be that to get to / from the Spruce Mt / Wells Road side trail C8 and/or S87 must be used.  S86 will be closed in its entirety.  Additionally to get to Sacandaga, trail S84 must be taken to S81 via the Fox Hill Road header. 

It remains to be seen if C8 from the Sacandaga club intersection to the dead end of S82 will be opened as a dead ender.  It’s possible that the logging will be complete in that area before the winter is over.  As always, keep checking the website for updates.

Trail Improvements

A huge thanks to the private landowners who let us excavate the trail to Lake Desolation this past fall. The trail went from narrow, curvy, rocky, and wet to smooth and straighter. It will make grooming many times easier and the trail will last longer too. 

Also thanks go out to the landowners of the “Snake Trail” ie C8 from the firetower into the woods towards Alpine meadows for allowing us to excavate that trail as well.  We removed all of the big rocks and build several water bars to keep the water off the trail.  All these trails should be much improved this winter.  There are pictures of both jobs in the photo gallery.

To finish this work we still need about five 15” or so culverts to close up some streams.  If anyone has any they’d like to donate we’ll take them, new or used.

Ormsbee Road Parking Area

As part of the logging operation this year we’ll be asking people to please not use the Ormsbee Road Parking area unless necessary.  Additionally, please do not ride down the plowed road unless you parked there.  The road is plowed and leads no where so please don’t ride it.  There will be large signs reminding you of this, andthere are year round residents that use the road and would prefer snowmobiles stay off for safety.

Mulleyville 100 Club
We will be running the 100 club again this year so please consider purchasing a ticket. For the $100 ticket you buy entry into 5 separate drawings for $1000. Only 100 tickets will be sold so the odds of winning are very high. The drawings will occur at the February – April Meetings along with 2 additional special events.  We need everyone’s support to make this a successful fundraiser and win some money. 

The proceeds for the club will go towards building our new groomer barn. To join the 100 Club visit and click the Paypal button to use Paypal or Credit Card, or you can contact any of the Board of Directors as listed on the Meet the Team page. There is no requirement to be a member of the club so if you have friends that like raffles the odds here are tremendous.  These make a great Christmas Present too.

Lake Desolation Bonfire

We are holding our annual bonfire on Saturday January 15th on the shoreline of Lake Desolation across from Tinney’s Tavern.  We will have 50/50, apparel sales, and a nice fire.  The food and drink will be via Tinney’s, but it will have to remain within the Tinney’s premises.   We will hold this event regardless of snow conditions so come on out and enjoy the fire.


Once again this year we will not be mailing out renewal forms unless you had specifically asked on last years form.  There are many ways to get the form to mail in such as downloading from our website or you can join online and print your own voucher.  We have a large membership base and fewer than 10% of the members need the form.  This saves a lot of money on postage and supplies that can be better spent on grooming and Trail leases.  If you need a form mailed to you please let us know but first try and printing one from  Joining and registering early helps get more grant money from the state for this year so please try and get it done before November.


We will be holding elections for President, Vice-President, and one Board of Directors seat this spring.  All the current officers are planning to run again, and if anyone else would like to run nominations are due by the February Meeting.  To be nominated you must have attended at least three meetings this year.


We now have a Facebook fan page that simulcasts all of our website postings to your news feed.  This way you get up to date info from the club right on your Facebook home page.  Just visit or click on the “find us on Facebook” button from our website to “like” us.

Please Keep an eye on our website in the trail conditions and forum pages for the latest on trail work and events.  Please register for the Discussion Forum if you haven’t already to provide trail conditions to your fellow club members and feedback to the club.  It’s a great place to share your ideas on how to improve the club.  Also please visit our Business Sponsors Page and support those who support our club.

Looking forward to a safe and snow winter,

The Mulleyville Snowmobile Club Team