NYS Safety Course…Oct 27th!

Hello fellow sledders!!


It took an older member to remind me that we have an actual website…FB is our club driver and posting on the actual website sadly seems antiquated…That said….Oct 27th at Tinney’s Tavern we will conducting our 1st Snowmobile Safety Course!  Kids should start showing up at 8am, I start the class at 8:30 sharp. Pre-registration is required…please contact Bruce Wadsworth via (president@mulleyvilletrailsystem.com) or call my cell at 518-344-9640…I need Students name, address, DOB, and eye color.  FREE for any student!  Mulleyville will supply lunch and refreshments.  The club will have a donation bucket to support our trail fund.  We have great additional elements added for everyone!  DEC enforcement, EMT potentials and the importance of SIGNS!  Oh…we might be light on highlighters…so have the students bring one….Thank you and we look forward to Oct 27th!


Bruce Wadsworth, President

Certified NYS Snowmobile Instructor