Protect the Snowmobile Trail Fund, Register Early!

Mulleyville Members,

Below is an email many of you will have received from Jim Jennings at NYSSA about registering early.  This is a critical item for seeing that the clubs get funded well before the snow flies.  We are overly affected by the cost of fuel and will have to budget our grooming time this winter.  The sooner our memberships come in, the better of an understanding we will have on our 2009 finances.

Thank you for your continued support and we hope to see you at our first meeting on September 9th.

Dear NYSSA Member,

Renew your club membership, then renew your snowmobile registration!!

Your Snowmobile Registration Renewal will be arriving soon. You will need Proof of Club Membership to save $55 on your registration. Go to this link and renew your club membership, obtain your proof of membership and then renew your snowmobile registration NOW!

Renewing your registration now will allow more monies to be available in the trail fund and assure clubs receive the proper funding for the 2008-09 season.

Jim Jennings, Executive Director
New York State Snowmobile Association
PO Box 612
Long Lake NY 12847-0612
T  888-624-3849
F  518-624-2441