Ride report 2/5/17

Hit every trail we have today for 80 miles.  As expected there’s a wide range of conditions; from great to atrocious.  All in all it was more good than bad and a good day on the trails.  As I said earlier this week, if you want groomed perfection go north or west where they have more snow.  We really need another 6+” to improve them any more.  We’ll groom what we can but there just isn’t enough to work with.

Now for the details.  I started at Wells road parking area and did the loop up to the fire tower.  These north side trails are by far the best we have.  This is a result of some of the early season grooming we did.  Here’s a shot of the trail up from Spruce Mt Road parking area (s81a).  Perfection.

The “Snake Bend” trail  (s80 from sara31 to sara5) to cross the mountain to the Ormsbee side was as expected.  The always bad spots were BAD but for the most part the trail was in nice shape.  A few of the bad spots (near sara31).  S86 from sara5 to sara6 was pretty good.

From there I rode Ormsbee Road (now called S80) to the big T at our Kiosk (sara20).  This trail needs more snow as the waterbars are not completely filled in yet but a few more passes of the groomer will help a lot.  At the big T I notice there’s been a lot of traffic into the closed trails.  Going left at the T towards sara19 is NOT allowed.  This leads right into an active logging operation and riding there WILL loose us trails.  Please stay out!  The snow fence has fallen down and we’ll be out to fix it asap but this is CLOSED!!!

Next i rode the s81 loop down to the (closed) junction with Sacandaga (Sara30).  S81 has not been groomed yet but was still a nice ride.  Again, the big waterbars are not yet filled in so please ride carefully.   From there i rode S80 back up to S82 (sara4).  S80 was in surprisingly great shape.  This trail is a rock garden in the summer but the groomer made it NICE:

The S82 dead ender was groomed to perfection and had seen no traffic yet so it was the best 10 miles (up and back) of the day.  One thing to note is that there is someone who rides horses on this trail and coming upon a horse in the trail was a surprise.  Just pull over and let them by or be very slow and do not spook the horses.   Perfection:

After S82 I headed back down to the big T and headed out S83 via the bypass to Fox hill road.  I then took the new 512 trail to Sacandaga.  This trail is a work in progress but has been groomed once and is mostly in ok shape.  The first half that is on logging roads is decent.  The second half needs more snow badly.  There is enough snow to keep the sled cool and sliders lubed but expect a rough couple miles.  I then rode Sacandaga trails down to the Turner Road dead end and back.  Nice Job on the trails over there.

From there it was back to Fox Hill Road and took the groomed road trail to Archer’s Vly.  Not bad but it’s very narrow with blind hills on the side of the road.  Please just take it slow and be prepared for sleds coming the other way.  From Archer’s vly I took the trail down to Desolation.  It’s in pretty good shape with a few washouts near the lake.  Again, just be cautious.  From the lake I turned around since i was on a time crunch and couldn’t enjoy Tinney’s today.

This is where it go interesting.  We’ve been saying that the Plank road section of trail is bad.  Well it’s REALLY BAD for a small section.  While it’s not really hard to get around, we have some work ahead of us in the summer to get rid of all this water.   Lack of snow isn’t helping either.  Here’s the UGLY:

So Long story short.  Some Good, Some Bad.  Most OK.  Hopefully the storm this week is a net add not a net minus.