Season Kick-off Party – This Saturday

Hi all,

I hope you are all doing the same as me this evening: feeling thankful for the 8″ of wet snow we just received. It should set up as a nice base. Don’t forget the Annual Season Kick-off Meeting this Saturday at Tinney’s, starts at 5:00 pm.
We are also having another work party on Saturday morning – meeting at Tinney’s @ 8:00 am. Please join us.
Our Mulleyville emails hit about 405 people: give or take a couple as some bounce back to me. To date we have 165 members joined so far. As a friendly reminder, we need the memberships in before December 31st. The money we receive from NYSSA that funds our grooming operation and the maintenance of trails, will roll into next year if don’t have everyone joined before the 31st.
So please remember to join if you haven’t already and tell your friends to please join the Mulleyville Snowmobile Club. 
Last year we had just a touch over 400 members. This year our goal is 450, and next years goal is 500. We hope to continue to grow each year, so please spread the word about all the wonderful things happening up on the mountain here in Saratoga County!
If you’ve heard mention of the acronym NYSSA and wondered what it means…See the website here NYSSA Website. NYSSA stands for New York State Snowmobile Association. They are the group that “fights” on our behalf so we can all enjoy the sport we love: Snowmobiling.
If you’ve ever wondered what they do, here is a short list of some of the things they do on our behalf:
Statewide advocacy for the sport  Responds in positive manner to media questions about snowmobiling.  Fosters and encourages participation in the sport.  Promotes safe and responsible snowmobiling.  Researches and develops information on issues relating to the sport.  Develops legislative proposals for the benefit of the sport.  Seeks out and communicates with elected officials to be supportive of the snowmobiling community.  Advises State Parks, DOT, and DEC on issues important to snowmobilers.  Develops comprehensive information on the economics of snowmobiling in NYS.  Develops comprehensive information on the demographics of snowmobilers.  Develops comprehensive information on snowmobiler attitudes towards trail issues.  Interacts with the DMV on snowmobile program information.  Advises DMV regarding the online snowmobile registration system.  Works with the Department of Environmental Conservation on ensuring snowmobiling issues are represented in Unit Management Plans and Wildlife Management Areas to ensure that snowmobilers have access to state-owned and managed land.  Works with corporate sponsors to acquire benefits for association members.  Investigates member complaints regarding unsafe trail conditions.  Reports the absence of trail maintenance and signage.  Seeks ways to improve safety on our trails.  Ensures that snowmobile-related businesses are given credit for the jobs they support.  Organizes and hosts an annual educational forum for all snowmobilers.  Provides an online system for club membership.  Formally responds to government reports regarding the snowmobile community.  Opposes legislation that threatens the viability of the sport and our right to ride.  Recognizes and calls attention to those public officials who have supported the sport.  Represents the sport on the New York State Trails Council  Provides, through partners, a $4000 death and dismemberment supplemental insurance policy at NO COST to association members.  Provides 2 (two) college scholarships for NYSSA members.  Coordinates with other state, Regional and National Snowmobile Associations on issues of importance to snowmobilers.  Provides research grants to support NY university participation in the Clean Sled Challenge.  Produces the NY Snowmobiler online magazine.  Produces two additional print issues of the NY Snowmobiler magazine in partnership with SuperTrax Magazine.  Raises money for Easter Seals, USO, and other charities.  Researches and acquires general liability insurance to cover all TME’s involved in trail maintenance and their landowners.  Develops information on “best-management practices” for the clubs.  Investigates snowmobile accidents and provides information to specialized counsel to protect the snowmobile community.  Seeks out sources for club insurance at affordable prices.  Ensures that snowmobiling receives it’s fair share of federal Recreational Trail Program grants.  Intervenes with State Parks and sponsors when they are in conflict with the club(s).  Holds educations classes to help teach proper trail signage.  Reports to clubs the absence of trail maintenance and signage.  Provides specialized training for snowmobile club volunteers.  Assists the clubs with meeting state mandates.  Provides GPS and related software training for club members.  Coordinates the permit for the Adirondack Railroad corridor for snowmobiling.  Works closely with other trail user groups who share our access needs.
See you all on Saturday!