September Newsletter

Fall is in the air and that can only mean that the snowmobile pre-season is upon us.  We will be busy over the next couple of months clearing trails, doing maintenance on our groomers, and getting signs ready. 

Meeting Schedule

Our first Meeting is next week on Wednesday, September 15th at 7:30 at the Greenfield Community Center.  This is a special date because of the Primary elections that will be held on our normal Tuesday date.  For the rest of the season our meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of the month until April.  The dates are 9/15/10, 10/12/10, 11/9/10, 12/14/10, 1/11/11, 2/8/11, 3/8/11, and 4/12/11.

Membership Renewals

Once again this year we will not be mailing out renewal forms unless you had specifically asked on last years form.  There are many ways to get the form to mail in such as downloading from our website or you can join online and print your own voucher.  We have a large membership base and fewer than 10% of the members need the form.  This saves a lot of money on postage and supplies that can be better spent on grooming and Trail leases.  If you need a form mailed to you please let us know but first try and printing one from  Joining and registering early helps get more grant money from the state for this year so please try and get it done before November.

Trail Work

We have some major trail work to do for this fall.  We have one section of trail that was logged last year and is impassable by groomers now.  We will be having a large work party near the end of September where we need every possible body to show up and help us clear the about 200 yards of impassable trail.  We’ll sent out another notice and post on the website when that work party will be.  We need all the help we can get and the trail is near a road so walking in to the location is easy.

We also have secured permissions from several generous land owners and the timber companies to bring a small excavator through several sections of trail.  While we’ve secured equipment for one day we have more needs for a small excavator (mini or light) and operators to help complete the three sections of trail we want to get done before the beginning of Hunting season.  If you have the right equipment that you’d be willing to donate the use and/or come operate for us we’d be greatly appreciative.  We will go into more detail at the first meeting.

Groomer Work

We have a lot of maintenance to do on the groomers before the snow flies.  This is a great opportunity to learn about the machines and take the first step towards becoming an operator.


We now have a Facebook fan page that simulcasts all of our website postings to your news feed.  This way you get up to date info from the club right on your Facebook home page.  Just visit or click on the “find us on Facebook” button from our website to “like” us.

Please Keep an eye on our website in the trail conditions and forum pages for the latest on trail work and events.  Please register for the our Discussion Forum if you haven’t already to provide trail conditions to your fellow club members and feedback to the club.  It’s a great place to share your ideas on how to improve the club.  Also please visit our Business Sponsors Page and support those who support our club.