Ski-Doo Million$ Club Support Program

Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) is planning to run the Ski-Doo Million $ Club Support Program again this year. It will run September 1st through November 15th. For every member that goes to a Ski-Doo dealer during this time period and places the completed coupon in the drop box at the dealership, the club will receive $10.00 (up to a maxi-mum of $1500.00 total). Please note, the individual is required to fill out the form and go to the dealership, since the intent of the program is to drive foot traffic into the Ski-Doo dealership.

Any club that realizes the $1500.00 maximum is automatically entered into the next level, where clubs will compete for the chance to win one of two sleds (MXZ or Summit) based on total club participation levels/highest participation rate. Last year, the MXZ went to a New York Club!! This is a BRP program, controlled and judged by them which we are happy to help bring to you and your club.