Ski-Doo Millions – Club Support 2009

Ski-Doo is running a promotion right now to give money back directly to snowmobile clubs across North America. For every club member that stops in at a Ski-Doo dealership between 9/1/09 and 11/15/09 and drops off the completed form below, BRP will give to our club $10, up to a total of $1500 (free money).

So there it is members. I know at least 150 of you will be stopping at a Ski-Doo dealer in the next couple of months. Please make sure you bring a copy of this form and give it to them. You must physically be there. You can’t fill it in and give it to someone else as the point is to drive foot traffic into the dealers.

For more info here is a copy of the letter they sent out to the clubs

Here is the form:
Click here and print