Spruce Mountain side

I only had enough time for a quick run around the Spruce Mountain side this afternoon . For not having been groomed yet , not too bad . The leg of C-8 leading down to co. rt. 10 parking lot is much improved over the past . We installed water bars this fall to force the water across the trail , instead of allowing it to wash down the trail . It worked !!!!! we hope to install a culvert in the upper water crossing once we get some decent snow . The upper stretch of C-8 above the Schaffer Shanty has set up nicely . Even the “snake” section of C-8 leading away from the fire tower was mostly dry and easily ridable. I don’t think i heard my carbides hitting any rocks , so that alone was an improvement . S-85 back down to Wells had a couple manageble water crossings . Overall , the recent cold weather and light snow , together with earlier manual labor made a difference . Also , my thanks to those that are venturing away from the center rut and widening corners , hill crests etc. BE SAFE !!!